Houston TX – Southwest Endodontics, a forward-thinking and innovative dental practice that specialises in root canals based in Houston, Texas is delighted to announce that they are now performing the Gentlewave Procedure, the latest breakthrough in root canal treatment.

One of the biggest challenges faced by dentists and root canal specialists when performing root canal treatment is to ensure that the tooth is completely clean and free of any debris or bacteria. This is made even more challenging by the fact that the area by its very nature is small and restrictive for dentists working to complete the procedure.

Endodontic therapy, commonly known as a root canal, is a treatment performed when the pulp (inside) of a tooth is infected.  The goal of a root canal is to save the natural tooth and eliminate the need to extract (pull) the tooth or expensive dental implants.  The old, or traditional, root canal procedure consists of using drills to access the inside of the tooth, use drills to eliminate the infected portion of the tooth and then replacing the pulp with an inert material.

Gentlewave Procedure tackles this problem and utilizes its ultra cleaning technology, which is an advanced combination of fluid dynamics and a broad range of soundwaves that work together.   The Genglewave Technology does a better job reaching into the microscopic spaces, and removing bacteria, debris and infected tissue with less drilling than a traditional root canal. The GentleWave Procedure is so effective at cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system, there’s less chance of failure over time.

The GentleWave Technology uses a minimally invasive protocol to access the infected root canal system, which means it is preserving more of the natural tooth and, in doing so, is helping to keep the tooth’s structure strong. Furthermore, there is a much-increased chance that the majority of patients will only require one appointment, which benefits both the patient and the practice as a whole.

Dr. Chad Goodman of Southwest Endodontics said “The Gentlewaves system is another example of how Southwest Endodontics stays on the leading edge of technology.”, and Dr. Ron Hill added, “Just like 3-D radiography, the Gentlewave will become the gold standard in root canal therapy. As a root canal dentist, I am excited about the many benefits this breakthrough technology brings.”

Southwest Endodontics is proud to offer the highest level of patient care to their community. A combination of the latest treatments and technologies and a genuine passion for patient care allow them to provide their patients with optimal experiences and results in their office every day. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

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